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Need IT support fast?

Contact us for all your IT needs. We troubleshoot any electronic device.

As a trusted advisor, we help you and your staff with the right technology and safety measures. We offer technology and security audits.

We handle all of your technology needs to remove your tech worries, leaving you free to run your business.


Business has changed

Working from home has become the norm. Even traditional brick & mortar businesses can operate online for some or all their operations. The pandemic has proven that agile companies can operate their main business from anywhere.

Business will never be the same again.

Did you take a hit?

Has your business been hard hit in 2020? Even with the help the government offered, most companies have been affected negatively.

Agile businesses become stronger faster

Early adopters of the new reality will become stronger faster. Contact us to move your business online.

Help your employees securely work from home. We offer a business security audit.


Keep comms channels open

Communication is your most pressing issue. How do you work with customers? How does employees connect while working from home?


Stay connected, even during lockdown. We offer Fibre solutions. 

Online meetings

You can meet online using Microsoft teams. You can even record the meeting. Microsoft Office users might have access to Microsoft teams already.

Voice over IP

Voice over IP is a cloud office telephone system with zero Telkom dependance. If you have data, you can use your VoIP system from anywhere. Calls between the extensions are free, even if located in different cities.


Data & System security

Some of the most pressing problems in today’s landscape are data and system security. We do a risk assessment that you can know where to start improvements.

Our triple security covers maximum security, such as PCs and laptop security. Email security is crucial whether you work from the office or from home. 

Cloud servers

With cloud servers to host your business systems, your business and client data is more secure. With this solution, the employee uses their PC as a terminal. The business system and all the data reside on the cloud server. This solution uses more data, but it’s very secure.


Backups and data recovery plans

Can you recover the data from your backups? When was the last time you tested it?

We assist you in trying to recover crashed hard drives. However, it’s costly and might not always be successful. It’s best practise to make weekly backups. This is also an insurance policy against hackers that might wipe your data from your machine.

Automated cloud backups

Automated cloud backups save your data according to a predetermined schedule. No employee needs to be at the office to run the backup. Restore backups online, from the cloud backup.


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What does your website say about your company? Showcase your business in the best way possible.


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Attract the right clients to your business. Use copywriting, landing pages or complete marketing funnels in your strategy.


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Schedule a online meeting with us to discuss how we can help you and your employees work from home. We can implement these proven systems easily online.

Future-proof your company now. Contact us to create a technology plan. Implement the plan over time.


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