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Website Redesign

Our redesigned website looks much more professional and portrays a much better message for our centre.

It’s a pleasure to refer any potential client to our website, with the knowledge that we now have a website that looks professional and carries out a more meaningful message.

Website Impact

Since our new website has been up and running, we had a number of responses and enquiries.

The website is also an excellent reference point for us to refer potential clients to for them to obtain more information about the services we have to offer.

Schalk van Zyl

CEO, Autism Stepup


Is your website an embarrassment for you?

Are you embarrassed to share your website with your potential clients?

Is your site old or outdated?

Your website might be older than 4 years. While it seems like just the other day to you, it’s very old in internet time. If you care about your company, show it online.

First impressions last

Your website influences what your potential clients think about your company. What else do they have to go on?

Dead or Alive?

When a new client reach your website, do they think it’s dead or alive? Do they see the last update was made in 2017? or even 2020? Do they think you’re one of the companies that went out of business during the pandemic?

Are you frustrated because you can’t update the website information and pictures yourself?


Or maybe you don’t even have one?

Are you frustrated not to have a website where you can keep your own pictures or blogs?

Are you embarrassed to admit to clients that you don’t have a website yet?



What if you could be a proud business owner?

What if you could be ahead of the competition?

What if you could confidently send your potential clients to your website?

You’d know they could get to know you and see your products displayed at their best.
What if they could see examples of your work, inspiring them to order from you on the spot? Wouldn’t it be great to upload your own images to showcase your products or new discussion topics every month?

Show them you care

What if you could show your customers a level of care that would put you miles ahead of the competition?

Your website is more than an online business card

WordPress for easy updates

Update your pictures & blogs regularly to make sure Google sees it as a site that is not just used as a business card. It’s more than that. Updates are easy with our WordPress sites. We provide an optional maintenance service to keep the site alive and well if you simply don’t have the time. Security updates keep the hackers at bay!

In a nutshell,

Webcafe's 11th birthday offer!


Invest R3,000 In Your 3-Page Website in the 3rd month with Webcafe’s Triple 3 March Website Sale!

We even offer easy payment terms to help you!

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How do you share your value?

Show your value

Your website shows more than just your products and services. It also shares your values and how you help your clients. How will their life be better if they work with you?

Website that suits your business

With our unique design and copywriting skills, we help you attract the right clients to your business.  Present your potential clients with an impressive online presence.

Copywriting to attract clients

Copywriting is the words on the page. It helps you give a clear message to communicated your value to reach your ideal customer. We’ve spent years honing our skills to help you.

Security and maintenance

A WordPress website makes it possible for you to manage your own maintenance.

We also offer optional security and maintenance services to keep hackers at bay.


Website special during March 2021


Webcafe hosting is quoted separately.

An additional advantage is that you can add landing pages to your website on this domain any time in future.



  • 3-Page website @ only R3000 + VAT
  • Optionally add copywriting for an additional R3000
  • Add additional pages @ R900 each


  • Monthly content management
  • eCommerce
  • Mailchimp setup
  • Lead magnets
  • Ongoing commitment: hosting fee R99/month

Website maintenance is excluded from this package. Contact us to add monthly website changes (up to 1 hour) for only R750/month.

Payment Offer

  • Deposit: R1500 + Hosting setup fee (R150)
  • 2nd month: R1500 + R99 hosting
  • 3rd month: R 500 + R99 hosting
  • Annual domain renewal

Your Commitment

  • You supply us with the words and the pictures for the website
  • 30-day notice to cancel hosting

Our Commitment

  • A fully functional website
  • Super fast hosting
  • We provide a WordPress website to suit your business
  • Pay your deposit to confirm our commitment

We’ll develop the websites in the sequence the deposits are received.



What People Are Saying

Website Redesign

Our redesigned website looks much more professional and portrays a much better message for our centre.

It is  a pleasure to refer any potential client to our website, with the knowledge that we now have a website that looks professional and carries out a more meaningful message.

Schalk van Zyl

CEO, Autism Stepup

New Website Design

GFWE needed the website because it was, and still is, a key method of communicating who we are and what we do.

It means a great deal to GFWE. 

As a global body, it is so much easier to be informed about our activities through this website.        


GFWE SA President 2018-2019, GFWE

International Design Standards

Thank You. You did a great job which is comparable to international standards.
I am thrilled to be able to showcase our “local is lekker’ standards internationally.

Webcafe’s Service

Webcafe’s service is timely &  professional. We’re extremely satisfied with the website and the monthly website support service we received from Webcafe.

Dr Pearl Kupe

International President, GFWE

Website Design


Copywriting To Make The Website Sell

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