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Technology + Online Marketing = Business Success

We strive to help you, the business owner,  choose the right technology and systems for your business. Combine your business processes and workflows with our technology advice to ensure your business success, online and off. 

Improve your online presence with Working Websites and Modern Marketing.


Rudi is our CEO and technical guru. He has a passion for solving problems and helping clients get rid of their frustrations. He helps a company’s hardware, software, systems & communication work in harmony.

He has extensive experience in managing big and small online marketing accounts. [email protected]

ALICIA - Financial Manager

Alicia is our admin and financial manager.

She runs the accounts department, making sure your accounts are up to date.

Contact Alicia for all your account related queries. [email protected]

CHRISTINA - Sales & Marketing

Christina is our business system architect with 40 years IT experience in various roles such as business analyst & project manager. 

Contact Christina for queries related to sales, quotes, websites and online marketing. [email protected]

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Our technology partners, like Microsoft and Google, helps us to assemble the best solution for your business.

We are unique in being able to assist you with an integrated IT, communications and technology strategy. 

Add a turnkey website and online marketing to reach your ideal customers. Our copywriting services help you broadcast a consistent message.

If it’s time for you to rethink your strategy, give us a call for a free, 15 minute strategic session.

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